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Sports Training Revolution with 3D Digital Twin Technology

In an era where technology continuously reshapes our approach to health and fitness, sports training stands on the cusp of a monumental shift. The advent of 3D digital twin technology promises to redefine how athletes train, strategize, and perform, by converging virtual and physical to enhance athletic performance like never before. A digital twin is…
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What is a 3D digital twin? How it works?

Imagine a world where you can walk through your factory floor virtually, in real-time, and see exactly what’s happening. With 3D digital twins, this is no longer science fiction. A 3D digital twin is a virtual replica of a physical factory, constantly updated with real-time data from sensors. This data can include everything from machine…
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Webinar Digital Twin

Digital twins are a critical technology that industry must use to develop products, manage production and improve efficiency. In this webinar, we explain how a 3D Digital Twin is obtained from a factory and what are the advantages of using it. for remote production control, industrial optimization and virtual training for factory and maintenance workers.…
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3D Digital Twin to mitigate COVID-19 safety restrictions

Encouraged by a fall in infection rates, a vast majority of countries has started to ease lockdown rules and industry is restoring operations. In order to return to work safely there are numerous protocols that need to be put in place. This safety protocols can also have an impact in the production line. This is…
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Cloud enabled security

In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT) and IoT-enabled digital twins, the world is becoming more connected. Whether through outlets, lightbulbs, cars or baby monitors, the miniaturization of electronics has allowed consumers to experience that connectivity in everyday technology that has been integrated with sensors, antennae and processors that herald the new age…
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What is a digital twin?

The value of the global digital twin market is set to grow to somewhere between $15 billion USD and $40 billion USD over the next decade. However despite the size of this large market, not many people have heard about the technology. A digital twin fuses design CAD, simulation and sensor data to create actionable…
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Digital twin improves regulatory compliance in aeronautics

Regulators worldwide grounded Boeing’s best-selling plane 737 Max in March following two crashes in five months that killed a total of 346 people. A number of issues have been detected: the potential difficulty pilots have in turning the jet’s manual trim wheel, the unreliability of the Max’s angle of attack sensors, inadequate training procedures, software issue pertaining to…
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Infinite Foundry is the first 3D virtual reality cloud powered by physics to test, validate and optimize a product design before manufacturing. The user uploads the 3D design of their product through the browser to our platform, selects which tests to run, and with a few clicks uses the power of cloud computing to run…
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